stock photo Ashlee Bailey (front right) demonstrates the art of stone tool fabrication to Sarah King's Anthropology class at Cerro Coso.

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Former CCCC Student Returns to Give Demonstration

May 25, 2012

Ridgecrest, California – Former Cerro Coso student Ashlee Bailey made a special visit to Sarah King's Anthropology class at the Ridgecrest campus to demonstrate stone tool fabrication.

Ashlee shared with the class her hands-on experience in recognizing stone artifacts and how to interpret basic information. She shared a brief overview of stone tools, why stone artifacts are important, how they are produced and used, and how stone tools contribute to the archeological records. Chronological information obtained through lithic analysis is very important to the study of how cultures change over time.

"I got a really solid foundation at Cerro Coso. So many of my professors left me with skills that made me successful at UC-Monterey, and at NAU", stated Ashlee. "Professor Girardo sparked my interest in history and really motivated and inspired me. I knew I had to find something I was passionate about at UCM. Dr. Swirdoff in particular really taught me to write well and synthesize ideas." "In fact," Ashlee laughs, "my boss just put me in charge of doing site reports where I work at Tuzigoop National Monument because he likes my writing. I learned how to draw artifacts from Loren Sandvik which I also use every day at work."

Ashlee earned her Bachelor's degree from CSU Monterey Bay and is currently completing a graduate program at Northern Arizona University working on her Masters in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology.

"Cerro Coso taught me so much and prepared me for Monterey and grad school. It really was the best academic experience I've had," concluded Ashlee.


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