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Cerro Coso Announces Scholarship Deadline

February 9, 2012

This is the time of year when students about to graduate from high school should be "doing their homework" on the many college scholarships that are available. Unfortunately, many students pass up these opportunities because they don't know about them, or they wait until it's too late to apply.

The Cerro Coso Community College Foundation wants to make sure that as many students as possible take advantage of the scholarship opportunities available at Cerro Coso before it's too late. Feb. 29 is the deadline to apply for 59 scholarships totaling $28,500 offered by the Foundation. That's not much time, considering the need to gather recommendation letters, transcripts, and other documentation.

Applying for a scholarship at Cerro Coso is easy. Complete application information is available on the College website at:

Some scholarships are set aside for students who are unable to attend college without financial assistance. Others have more general requirements, meaning a larger number of students who would qualify.

The categories of general college scholarships include academic achievement, major and career choices, financial need, first generation student status, diverse and unique backgrounds, school and community service, and leadership skills. At a minimum, all scholarships require completion of the application packet.

For more information on scholarships at the Cerro Coso and the application process contact the Cerro Coso Community College Financial Aid Department at (760) 384-6221.


Natalie Dorrell, Public Information (760) 384-6260